नवीनीकरण / रेस्टोरेशन कार्यों की प्रगति आख्या

(sign-up option is disabled. To signup please use web app link sent to official mail Ids)

This link is NOT showing real-time Data. Data being fed will not reflect here immediately.

  • You need to signup with your email_Id.
  • A verification mail will be sent to you when you click SEND EMAIL VERIFICATION button.
  • You need to verify your Email by clicking on the verify link which you receive in your email.
  • Once verified, you can sign-in using your EMAIL.
  • After signing-in , you will see 2 parts -
    • First part will show data filled by this webwpp.
    • Second part which is below data part is the Input Form.
    • There are only four fields -
      • Division Name - to be selected from drop down list.
      • UniCode of the concerned Road (Please refer to Road Directory link to see the Unicode)
      • लक्षित कुल लम्बाई (किमी)
      • प्रगति (किमी)