Bridge Inspection App

Bridge Location

  • Important point for submitting data of BRIDGE INSPECTION through mobile app -
    • Enter 6 digits Road Unique code , then press - SET UNIQUE CODE button
    • Enter kilometer no. , then press SET KM No. button
    • Enter Chainage, then press SET CHAINAGE button
    • Enter Structure No. , then press SET STRUCTURE NO. button
      • What is structure no. ?
        • Structure No. will be single digit numeric number. If a culvert in kilometer no. 14 is designated as 14/2 in the conventional system being followed by us, then for mobile app the value of Structure no. will be 1 only.
    • After this action a 10 digit bridge code (6digit Unique code+3 digit Kilometer number+1 digit Structure No.) will be generated automatically.
    • Select Vidhan Sabha by clicking SELET VIDHANSABHA button.
    • Select River by clicking SELECT_RIVER button.
      • What if your river name is not in the list?
        • You simply can type river name
    • Select entity type - select from list by clicking Select Entity Type - River Bridge, Culvert, ROB, RUB

Bridge Parameters

  • Enter each parameter one by one.

Inspection Details

  • Enter your observation.
  • Upload Photo 1
  • Upload Photo 2
  • Upload Inspection Note -
    • Inspection note - pdf file also can be uploaded
  • Submit button will not appear if -
    • 10 digit bridge code is not generated.
    • Photo 1 & Photo 2 are not uploaded.

Should I wait to upload data until Inspection Note is prepared ?

  • Data can be submitted without uploading Inspection Note also. Inspection Note can be submitted later.
  • 2. How to submit Inspection Note later ?
    • Go to NAVIGATION Screen.
    • Click Inspection Note button.
    • Fill -
      • Road Unique Code of Road
      • Fill kilometer number
      • fill Structure No.
      • Upload Inspection Note -
        • Inspection note can be either in pdf or photo.
      • Submit
      • This Inspection Note will automatically connect to Bridge / Structure data previously filled by you.

User detail

  • Please click SET button after entering your name, else your name will remain blank.
  • Select designation
  • Select office
  • Select Office HQ
  • Click Submit

User Registration

  • To register - enter your phone no.
  • Click on GET OTP button
  • You will get 4 digit numeric OTP on the phone no. entered by you.
  • Enter the OTP at required place and click VERIFY Button.
  • If OTP matches then you will be directed to NAVIGATION screen.

Navigation Screen