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Remedies / solutions for the problems faced by users -

For any clarification - Please call - Er. Sandeep Saxena, Executive Engineer - 9454325741


    • Will I get OTP everytime I open the APP.
        • No, OTP is required just once during registration process. No OTP is required Once registration is successful.
    • What if - During registration process I accidentally clicked on Register button without entering my name , designation, division or district.
        • In this case, simply uninstall the app and reinstall it again. Please ensure that during registration you entered following parameters before clicking Register button.
                    • Name
                    • Designation
                    • Division
                    • District
              • All above parameters are necessary for processing data submitted by you. If left blank it may happen that during further processing your data is ignored.
    • What should I do after selecting a photo from gallery of my phone ?
        • simply wait till the submit button appears, then click on submit button.
    • How I can view my submitted data ?
        • Click on action button, select the option VIEW_DATA from the list - you will get data all data entered by your phone.
    • Just after submitting data, how I may know if data is submitted or not?
        • Click on action button, select the option VIEW_LAST_SUBMITTED_DATA from the list. Your last submitted data will appear.
    • What if I want to submit data for other kilometer?
        • Click on action button, select the option Start from the list.
    • Can I see data of a specific kilometer of any road submitted by me or by any other user?
        • Yes. Click on action button, select the option VIEW_DATA2 from the list. A new screen will appear. In this screen enter UNIQUE CODE of road and KM no. and then click VIEW button.
        • Data entered by engineer-in-charge will appear in upper box, while data entered for verification will appear in the bottom box.